Cryotherapy: A Guide


Cryotherapy is the procedure that is used to remove a wart by freezing it. This process is mainly carried out by a health professional using a local anesthetic where possible. Nitrogen that is in a liquid form is applied using a spray or a swab to the wart and the surrounding skin. This will kill the top layer of the wart. The applications may be repeated several times to make sure that the wart is removed completely.

After cryotherapy is done to the wart, a blister is likely to form with few hours. After few days the blister will dry up, and the wart may fall off at this stage. It is dangerous to get into contact with the fluid from the blister since it may contain the wart virus. It is, therefore, wise to clean and disinfect the area around the blister to avoid spreading of the wart virus to other parts of the body as well as to other people.

Cryotherapy is a very effective method of wart treatment. The patient, however, need to be very calm and wait for the treatment to work since it might take some time. Before going for a cryotherapy treatment make sure that you are well prepared financially since it’s quite expensive. However, considering how effective it is, it is worth your money. There are some methods that can be used in conjunction with cryotherapy to help make the healing process faster. Some of the methods have been suggested on the internet, but you should be warned about using a method that you are not even familiar with. It is very dangerous to try treating a wart all by yourself. It is therefore recommended to seek help from a medical professional. Some of the people go ahead and burn or cut off the wart by themselves. This is hazardous since you might make the wart virus to spread to other parts of the body thus creating more problems. Know more about cryotherapy in

There are several treatments that one can try at home. Use of the duct tape is very popular, and it has a similar success rate to cryotherapy. Before you use any product to treat a wart, you have to look at the ingredients very carefully. Products with components such as aloe Vera and castor oil have been seen to be effective in removal of warts. However, cryotherapy remains to be the best and most efficient method of removing warts, click here to know more!


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